Belle Etoile Manta Ray Earrings

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Dive into Belle Etoile's mesmerizing Manta Ray collection and discover the graceful beauty of the ocean's magnificent underwater realm. Each piece showcases intricate hand-painted Italian enamel scenes depicting the elegant manta ray gliding through beautiful blue waters. Shimmering white accent stones embellish the designs, evoking bubbles and sunlight playing across the manta's distinctively shaped silhouette. Rendered in exquisite detail, these vibrant enamel artworks are carefully set into platinum-plated hypoallergenic sterling silver for a radiant, lasting finish. Manta Ray allows you to embrace the serenity and awe of the marine world in chic, wearable form. Let these elegant enameled manta rays transport you to an oceanic paradise with every glance.

Materials: Hand-painted Italian enamel, white accent stones, and platinum-plated, hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver

Style VE-24006-01

Dimensions:  20.5mm height

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