Belle Etoile Clover Blooms Pendant

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Blossom into eternal luck and radiance with Belle Etoile's captivating Clover Blooms collection. Delicate clover flower motifs come to life through an artful interplay of genuine white mother-of-pearl petals and vibrant, translucent Italian enamel. Shimmering white accent stones add a touch of brilliant dew, all exquisitely set into platinum-plated, hypoallergenic sterling silver. Each piece encapsulates the carefree joy and fortunate symbolism of the clover bloom through nature's finest materials and superior metalwork. Designed to delight as heirlooms for generations, Clover Blooms allows you to revel in the cheerful bliss of eternal florals. Indulge in these treasured talismans from Belle Etoile.

Materials: Hand-painted translucent Italian enamel, genuine white mother-of-pearl, and white accent stones on platinum-plated, hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver

Style VP-24004-01-M

Dimensions:  38mm height

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