If you are in need of a diamond engagement ring ASAP… we’ve got your back. However, you will want to make sure to take the time to plan out specifically when you will need your ring in store; especially if you are aiming to create a custom design engagement ring. If you are planning to get engaged tomorrow, then you might want to rethink that hefty custom engagement ring design, because it’s going to definitely take your jeweler time to produce.

Work with your jeweler on an efficient timeline for when you need the engagement ring by. By setting a due date, you have free range to plan your proposal and work within your jewelers’ production timeline. You can walk into any jewelry store and buy a ring on the fly, but you will want to make sure it is the right design and specifically, the right fit in terms of ring sizing, which brings us to our next point…

Find Out Her Ring Size 

You may be the type of couple who are very open in communication about getting engaged. If you’re lucky, she has already provided you with the information necessary to make your purchase. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to go to the ends of the earth to determine her ring size and the ring that she wants. Unfortunately, engagement doesn’t quite work like that for some couples.

Now that you have a ring budget in mind, it’s time to do some sleuthing; put on your detective hat and narrow down her ring size. You can always get the ring resized at a later date…but how great would it be for the ring to fit her perfectly after she slips it on during the proposal?


“Borrow” A Ring She Already Wears

If she already wears a ring on her finger, you can “borrow” her ring to make an estimate of her ring size. However, keep in mind that sometimes a ring that she wears on her pointer finger or thumb is going to differ in size to the ring she is going to wear on her ring finger.

Pro Tip: The left hand is a ½ size smaller than the right!


Try the String Trick

This might sound a little invasive…but you’ll both be married soon…so who cares!

A night while your partner is sleeping, tie a piece of loose string around her ring finger to determine the size. Then, bring that string to us, and we can help you nail down her exact ring size. Seems a little creepy…but do whatever you can at this point to get the job done!

Pro Tip: Europe & The U.S differ in sizes


Ask A Friend or Family Member

Defer to her mom, sister, or best friend. At least one of them is bound to have information on her ring size. You can lean on them during this time to help you with determining her ring size. They are also a great reference for the other viable information you need to find the perfect ring.


Make an Educated Guess

If you are finding this task difficult to complete, you can lean on your own assumption. Take a moment to hold her hand and look at her ring finger. Does she have small, dainty fingers, or larger, more prominent hands? The average ring size is a size 6; so, you can use this information, and your general awareness to make an assumption of her ring size. The worst case is that it’s the wrong measurement, and you have to move forward with getting the ring resized after the proposal. Thankfully, Diamond Designs can help you in this department as well! After you pop the question, pop by our showroom and we will gladly measure her finger and make sure that the ring is custom fitted, either by having a ring guard installed onsite, or having it resized at our authorized service center.

Pro Tip: Check out a Ring Sizer App


Pinpoint Her Style

The engagement ring style is reflective of her as an individual and should mirror her personality. Before you can find her the perfect ring, you need to determine her jewelry style. Even if you might think you know your significant other, figuring out her ring style can be a daunting task. You can determine her ring style by doing some more investigative work.

Pro Tip: If she knows you’re shopping, have her provide us with (3) photos to help us understand her style. Keep the element of surprise but get her exactly what she wants!


Scour her Pinterest board

You’d be surprised by what great and viable information your significant other has on their social media. Pinterest is a great website where users can “pin” their favorite photos or article links and save them for reference at a later date. Pinterest is a great resource for engagement ring hunting since the photos are visually and aesthetically appealing to searchers. Odds are, her Pinterest board has examples of ring designs she’s “saved for later”. Take the time to research her account and see if you find any images saved more than once. If you find multiple pictures of the same ring design, she probably adores the design and has it in mind for her future engagement.


Observe the type of jewelry she wears 

Take note if she prefers yellow gold or if she veers more towards white gold rings or platinum bands. Does she prefer a simpler ring design, or something more glamorous?


Do a deep dive

Who is she as an individual and what ring style will perfectly embody “her”? Maybe she is more of a vintage emerald ring type of girl? Or she could possibly be looking to you to custom design her ring? More than likely, she is unique, and you will want to find a ring that matches her style and personality to a tee.

You might know exactly what she is looking for in regard to her ring style. If you have this precious information…you are a very lucky person!

But let’s say you have absolutely no idea what she would like…are you panicking yet? In the coming chapters, we will ease your anxiety and dive into the steps it takes to choosing the right ring for her. We’ll discuss mounting, styles, designs and more to aid you in finding or creating a one-of-a-kind piece that she will love.

The next step: where to shop.


If you have any questions regarding engagement ring buying – Email Dee@dia-designs.com.

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