The close-knit community of Pacific Beach, just north of San Diego, came together recently to reunite a woman with her cherished diamond engagement ring.

Lee Miller had been on a mission to purchase a gift certificate from a popular Italian restaurant on Cass Street when she realized her engagement ring was missing. Earlier, she had taken it off and placed it in her pocket while doing some house cleaning.

“I was extremely upset! Miller told San Diego’s CBS8. “This is one of my favorite rings. I had actually picked it out myself. I just loved it.”

Miller was not sure exactly when the ring fell out of her pocket. She retraced her steps, but her efforts were fruitless. She spoke to local business owners, but nobody had turned in her precious jewelry. On the afternoon of June 9, she posted a plea to a local community group on Facebook.

She wrote, “Lost engagement ring anywhere between Cass in front of Enoteca Adriano to intersection of Cass & Tourmaline… Please comment if you see it!”

Later that day, a Facebook user commented that someone had just posted a flyer about a ring that was found. It was taped to a pole in front of Carousel Cleaners on Cass Street, only one block from the Italian restaurant.

A local couple, who wished to remain anonymous, told CBS8 that they were walking to a restaurant on Cass St. when they saw an object sparkling on the ground. They secured the ring and immediately posted a flyer that noted that the ring was found on June 9. They provided an email address and requested that anyone attempting to claim the ring must provide a complete description and their contact information.

Thanks to the efforts of the Good Samaritans and Facebook community, Miller now has her ring back.

“It was the most amazing and wonderful thing ever,” Miller told CBS8. “I gave them a thank you card. I just said, ‘Thank you so very much!’ It was wonderful.”

According to the CBS8 report, Miller’s thank you card included a cash reward.

So, what was the key takeaway from Miller’s experience?

“I am probably never going to put a ring in my pocket ever again,” she said, smiling, “even if it has a very secure zipper, because you never know!”

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