After a year of upheaval, holiday season 2020 will see a surge in demand for diamond gifts that symbolize hope, love and celebration, according to the Natural Diamond Council’s 2020 “Holiday Trend Report.”

Compiled by the NDC’s Style Collective, an international team of fashion experts and influencers, the report spotlights four themes that will be driving diamond-jewelry purchases.

They include “The Statement Earring,” “Precious & Personal,” “High-Octane Color” and “Organic & Earthy Engagement and Commitment Rings.”

The NDC has redefined traditional diamond moments by emphasizing how diamonds are not solely the purview of romantic interests or formal occasions. The NDC is promoting a more contemporary approach to the diamond dream, with diamond jewelry being an essential part of meaningful moments, both big and small.

The NDC influencers believe contemporary women want gifts with lasting value and significance, but they also want what’s new, fun and fashionable. The Council has been targeting its advertising to 21- to 45-year-olds with household incomes of $75,000 or more.

The Statement Earring is the season’s style signifier, claims the NDC.

“Everyone needs one statement diamond design in their wardrobe,” the report states. “It should be a feel-good jewel and a power piece, and something that makes you feel totally glamorous and beautiful. This season, that jewel is the diamond statement earring.”

The NDC notes that statement earrings should no longer be reserved for big events. Instead, the diamond earring is a fashionable jewel that can be worn every day.

“A good earring can transform any look – and never more so than in the age of Zoom when the world sees you in a tiny on-screen box,” says NDC influencer Rachel Garrahan, who is the Jewelry and Watch Director at British Vogue.

The theme Precious & Personal is perfectly represented by diamond-studded letters or words in a range of shapes and sizes. Each letter or phrase holds a sentimental quality that makes for highly personalized gifting.

“The sentimental jewels express love, friendship or emotion,” writes the NDC. “The jewelry may symbolize a moment, a memory or a bond. It’s a lasting gift that will never go out of style.”

High-Octane Color adds a youthful, whimsical element to traditional diamond jewelry. Diamonds set in vibrant enamel and ceramic designs are playful, contemporary and stylish.

“The bright colors and shiny smooth surfaces give the stones a contemporary edge and vibrant new energy,” notes the NDC. “These are diamonds like you have never seen them before.”

“The new colorful styles range from super sophisticated designs with important diamonds to fun and fashionable jewels with smaller stones for a hint of sparkle,“ adds influencer Jill Newman, a contributing editor at Town & Country.

Organic & Earthy Engagement and Commitment Rings are presented as alternatives to classic, white diamond rings. Consisting of rough stones that are understated and unique, these items reveal the natural side of precious diamonds.

“This season’s trends offer something for everyone, but are particularly appealing to young, first-time diamond buyers,” says Jill Newman, NDC’s editor-at-large. “It’s a modern, contemporary mix that we hope will inspire consumers to think outside the box when it comes to diamond jewelry.”

The complete 2020 Holiday Trend Report can be found here…

Credit: Image courtesy of the Natural Diamond Council. Diamond earrings by Boucheron.

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