Now, here’s a novel idea. For the next 12 months, Kit Kat’s Japanese Chocolatory will release limited-edition gourmet wafers that correspond with the month’s birthstone. Each bar is highlighted by two edible “jewels” and sports a color scheme/flavor profile inspired by the birthstone.

For instance, November’s birthstone is topaz, so Kit Kat’s confectioners came up with an amber-colored, chestnut-flavored bar. At the far end of the wafer is a dollop of chocolate embedded with two sparkly sugar candies that mimic the color of topaz.

The jewel is technically a “dragée” — a tiny, bead-like candy used for decorating baked goods.

Kit Kat will introduce a new birthstone flavor at the beginning of each month. On December 1, Kit Kat will give a nod to tanzanite with a wafer that tastes like a purple yam. On New Year’s Day, Kit Kat will release a garnet-inspired wafer that will smack of raspberry.

The taste of February’s purple amethyst bar will be reminiscent of honeysuckle and March’s aquamarine bar will have a hint of grapefruit mint.

The most bizarre flavor will appear in July, when the ruby wafer will taste like tomato. Yikes.

Here’s the 12-month lineup…
• November, Topaz, Chestnut
• December, Tanzanite, Purple Yam
• January, Garnet, Raspberry
• February, Amethyst, Honeysuckle
• March, Aquamarine, Grapefruit Mint
• April, Diamond, Rum Raisin
• May, Emerald, Pistachio
• June, Blue Moonstone, Coconut
• July, Ruby, Tomato
• August, Peridot, Lemon
• September, Sapphire, Blueberry
• October, Tourmaline, Peach

This will not be the first time Kit Kat has introduced unexpected flavors to its devoted fan base. According to, parent company Nestlé Japan famously went to market with Kit Kats that tasted like cough drops and sake. If you were wondering, the sake Kit Kats contained 0.8% alcohol.

Kit Kat is positioning the Birthstone Series as a limited-edition, premium confection, and a package of three wafers costs 1,485 Yen (about $13). Currently, the treat is available exclusively in Japan.

Credits: Images via Flickr/Nestlé Japan.

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