In this blog, we will explore the different aspects of diamond clarity and help you determine which diamond clarity is best suited for your needs. 

What is Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity is an essential factor that determines the value and quality of a diamond. We value the importance of diamond clarity and other wide range of diamonds with various clarity grades.

Factors of Diamond Clarity 

Diamond clarity is determined by several factors, that includes: 

  • Natural inclusions 
  • Enhancements 
  • Cuts

Natural inclusions are tiny imperfections inside the diamond that occurred during the diamond's formation process. These inclusions can appear as black spots, white clouds, or colored lines, and can affect the diamond's transparency and brilliance. Enhancements such as laser drilling, fracture filling, or high-pressure high-temperature treatment are used to improve the appearance of diamonds with significant inclusions. 

These enhancements can improve the diamond's clarity grade, but they may also affect the durability of the diamond. Finally, the diamond cut can also affect the diamond's clarity by either enhancing or reducing the visibility of inclusions. A well-cut diamond can make the inclusions less noticeable by reflecting light in a way that camouflages the inclusions, resulting in a higher clarity grade.

The Best Choice for Engagement Rings 

One popular choice for engagement ring diamonds is VS1 or VS2 clarity grade diamonds, which are considered to be of high quality while still being relatively affordable. These diamonds are eye-clean, meaning that inclusions cannot be seen by the naked eye. However, they may still have inclusions visible under magnification.

If you're looking for the best diamond clarity for engagement rings, our website provides information on the popular diamond clarity choices, as well as the impact of diamond setting on clarity.

The Best Clarity For Personal Use 

The best diamond clarity for personal use depends on the occasion and personal preferences. For everyday wear, a diamond with a lower clarity grade may be more practical and affordable, while for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries, a higher clarity diamond may be more desirable. A diamond with a clarity grade of VS1 or above is a great choice for a classic engagement ring, while a diamond with a clarity grade of SI1 or SI2 may be more suitable for a cocktail ring or pendant. 

For those who prefer a vintage look, a diamond with a clarity grade of I1 or I2 may work well in a halo setting or as part of an antique-inspired design. Ultimately, the best diamond clarity for personal use is one that reflects the individual's style and preferences.


At Diamond Designs, we understand the importance of diamond clarity and provide expert guidance to help you choose the best diamond clarity for your needs. Visit our website to learn more about our products and services or to make an appointment with our expert staff. Contact us today to start your diamond journey.