Watch Repair

watch battery replacement

Watch Repair: Battery Replacement

Diamond Designs replaces thousands of watch batteries each year and this service can be performed quickly while you wait. Any watch or timepiece purchased at Diamond Designs receives this service free of charge.

watch resizing

Watch Repair: Sizing & Other Adjustments

Whether you bought your watch or timepiece from Diamond Designs or elsewhere, our professional staff will provide you with the perfect fit. Any watch purchased at Diamond Designs receives this service free of charge.

watch straps

Watch Repair: Straps & Bracelets

Diamond Designs carries a vast selection of replacement straps and bracelets for your timepiece. Any styles or sizes not in-stock can be special ordered through our service team. We also have extra long and short bands available and most watch bands can be installed while you wait.

watch polishing restoration

Watch Repair: Polishing & Restoration

If you would like to restore your watch to its original glory, bring it to a Diamond Designs. We offer expert timepiece polishing and dial restoration at our authorized service center, equipped with European trained watchmakers capable of resolving almost any issue.

watch crown repair

Watch Repair: Cleaning & Overhaul or Stem & Crown Work

Is your watch running slow or fast? Are you having an issue setting the time or has your crown been damaged? Timepieces need periodic maintenance due to their being in perpetual motion. Diamond Designs offers complimentary watch estimates on a variety of complex timepiece services.

watch crystal replacement

Watch Repair: Crystal Replacement

Over time your watch crystal may become scratched, chipped, cracked or broken and need to be placed. Our expert technicians can repair or replace crystals on both wrist and pocket watches.