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gold and platinum wedding bands

Gold & Platinum

Gold & Platinum are precious metals whose prices fluctuate on a daily basis.  The prices that you see quoted on TV or online are for a full ounce of pure metal in Troy Ounces.  Most jewelry is made of an alloy that contains some percentage of these precious metals.  We at Diamond Designs will calculate the percentage and weight of precious metal you have and pay you for it based on the current market price.

dimaond solo


Diamond Designs buys diamonds of all sizes and qualities.  We will work with you to determine the Quality and Size of your stone, together we will compare that information with other comparable stones for sale and give you the highest possible offer.  

rolex watch


Looking for somewhere to trade-in or sell your luxury watch.  Diamond Designs specializes in buying Rolex, Cartier, Breitling and other luxury brands.  Together we will evaluate the age and model of the watch as well as its condition to formulate the maximum offer.

flatware, silverware, forks


Diamond Designs purchases sterling silver flatware, candle holders, and other silver housewares.  We will evaluate style, pattern, silver content and condition to assess value.

silver bullions coins

Coins & Collectibles

Let Diamond Designs evaluate your coin collection or any other collectibles.  We pay above scrap for coins with numismatic value.  We also buy rare pens, jewelry boxes, antiques, figurines and other collectibles.

estate jewelry blue diamonds


Diamond Designs will make offers on full estates, including any combination of the items above.  Arrangements can be made for multiple payment checks for any number of beneficiaries.